Who better to understand what makes a successful education system other than a classroom teacher? 


Bri will bring her knowledge of education to the Legislature and fight to makes sure every school district in House District 47 get its fair share of resources. Recruiting and retaining teachers is critical to educational success.  Bri will work to develop strategies to assist school district in this endeavor. Believing--Every child is special and deserves a chance education policy and equal education funding for all kids, not just Denver kids,  will be a top priority for Bri Buentello.

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Bri believes that in order to create jobs you must have a quality school system and good health care options. Working on those two issues will help generate economic development opportunities in House District 47. Promoting policies that foster partnerships between schools, junior colleges, institutions of higher education and private business will be a cornerstone of Bri’s approach to economic development.   In addition to working on creating new jobs, Bri Buentello will do everything she can to protect and promote the existing businesses and industries in House District 47.  


A daughter of two United States Marines and a wife of a United States Army Captain Bri Buentello understands and appreciates veteran issues. She knows, first hand, how important access to services is for veterans and their families. She will never forget our veterans and will honor their sacrifices with untiring work. 


Access to quality, affordable health care is a principal Bri believes strongly in. Despite the uncertainly, at the national level, regarding health as a State Representative, Bri will fight to makes sure our rural hospitals stay open; programs are put in place that encourage doctors and nurses to work in rural Colorado and that consumers have more than one choice of insurance providers.


In addition to being a defining characteristic of House District 47 agriculture is a major contributor to Colorado’s economy.  Bri will work hard to promote the agriculture industry and guard against unnecessary government intrusion into this vital sector of the economy.  She will be an advocate for the farming and ranching families of Pueblo ,Otero and Fremont counties and develop ideas, partnerships and policies that help protect and enhance this unique but important way of life.


Water is the lifeblood of Southern Colorado and House District 47. Bri will work with existing agencies, farmers, ranchers and communities to keep water in the Lower Arkansas Valley. In addition to keeping the water on the land Bri believes the quality of the water must be protected.  She proudly stands with Pueblo County and the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District in its lawsuit against Colorado Springs over the water quality of Fountain Creek.



Citizens of Pueblo, Otero and Fremont counties deserve the same level of services that residences of Denver have. Bri will fight every day to makes sure Southern Colorado gets is fair share of money to improve our roads and bridges. As a State Representative, Bri will work to make sure any statewide transportation plan includes projects in House District 47.


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