About Bri


It all started with An Air Conditioning Unit

As a special education teacher at Pueblo's East High School, I see every day the issues affecting our community. I have been told many times that here in Colorado, the problem with our education system is that our teachers are not held accountable, that our students are not as hard-working, or any other thing that could explain why our results are not meeting up with the states around us. 

These "problems" mask the reality. I teach in a classroom that has no air conditioning during 100 degree summers. We have no heat in the winter. Our textbooks are missing pages, if not chapters. Our students are all on free and reduced lunch. So I began to ask myself, how can I make life easier for my community?

Now as the representative for HD-47, the vice-chair of the House Education Committee, and member of the Rural Affairs Committee, I will be fighting for our community. This includes leading on education, agriculture, transportation, and healthcare. I will bring our Southern Colorado spirit to Denver and make sure we are solving problems, not creating new ones.